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General Dentistry

Maximize Your Smile’s Potential in Strongsville

Gentle general dentistry is available to the Strongsville community with services from Waked Dental. Starting with a thorough, comprehensive exam, Dr. Waked’s attention to detail is evident in the way she focuses on what your unique smile needs to remain it’s very best. We take your entire mouth into consideration, including your teeth, jaw, and gums, and evaluate how well it all works.

By focusing on preventive care and promoting a proactive approach to oral health, we ensure you’re empowered to make the right choices and maintain your smile outside of your dental visits. We stop small tooth problems from becoming more complicated issues. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, which aids in the accurate and precise identification of areas of concern.

Our hygienists are skilled in removing plaque bacteria and will show you the proper methods for brushing and flossing, as well as recommending the right tools for the job. With routine, regular care, your smile will always look radiant and feel great. Whether you’re here for the first time and need a variety of treatments to uplift your smile, or you’re a regular who already discovered your most magnificent smile, our general dentistry services have something for everyone.

And no matter what you need, you know that Dr. Waked and her team are always keeping your comfort a top priority. We tailor every service, from our screenings to our cleanings, specifically for you, and are happy to provide the care you need exactly as you want it. That’s Waked Dental – the family solution to the best general and preventive dental care in Strongsville. Improve your smile and maintain your oral health – Schedule your appointment today!

Comprehensive Exams


Every great smile starts with an exam. Our comprehensive exams evaluate your current oral health and address areas of concern. If you’re already a patient of ours, Dr. Waked will compare your exam to your records and monitor any changes. Our exams include oral cancer screenings, full set of x-rays, and review of your medical and dental history. From there, we can discuss an appropriate treatment plan, and formulate a course of action to improve your smile. Even if you already have an awesome, healthy smile, comprehensive exams ensure it stays that way by setting a standard, making detection and diagnosis of potential problems easier.

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Oral Cancer Screenings


Oral cancer is serious, and early detection can significantly improve your prognosis. Because we believe in preventive care, we know that oral cancer screenings are an important part of being proactive. Anyone can develop the disease, though patients over 40, and those who use alcohol and tobacco are at an increased risk. During our exams, we use visual and manual screening to detect abnormal soft tissue in the cheeks, gums, tongue, and other areas of the mouth. We also employ Vizilite technology, which uses a harmless, chemiluminescent light to identify oral mucosal abnormalities. When used in conjunction with a manual exam, Vizilite can be lifesaving!

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To accurately diagnose and identify problems, we rely on high-quality x-ray images. Our digital, panoramic images give us a great view of what’s actually going on under the surface. Since the high-resolution pictures are available digitally, it makes sharing them with you and other specialists simple, as they are stored as an individual computer file. Digital x-rays expose you to less radiation than traditional film x-rays and are available to be read almost immediately. No more waiting for developing! And because they give a panoramic view, we’re able to see your whole jaw and mouth.

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There’s something about the way your teeth feel after a professional cleaning. Not only do they radiate, they generally feel better too! Our hygienists are skilled at getting in between teeth and other hard-to-reach areas, and eliminating debris, plaque, and tartar from wreaking havoc on your smile. With Piezo ultrasonic scalers, we can break up the gum-disease-causing bacteria and ensure your smile is at its very best. We’ll review your current hygiene habits, and make any necessary adjustments to maintain your brilliant smile at home. We recommend visiting our hygienists on a routine basis, as it’s the best way to combat decay and plaque bacteria from taking over your smile.

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Periodontal Therapy


A leading cause of tooth loss in adults, gum disease can have serious consequences. At Waked Dental, we focus not just on your teeth, but on the health of your gums as well. If you’re experiencing red, swollen, bleeding, or receding gums, it’s time for a periodontal check-up. Plaque is a sticky, colorless film that can harden into tartar if not removed. We combat moderate to severe cases of periodontitis with Arestin, a medication used to fight the effects of plaque bacteria. Your gums are just as important to a beautiful, healthy smile as your teeth, so don’t neglect appropriate periodontal care. Discuss your options with our hygienists today!

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Fluoride Treatments


If you’re prone to decay, or you’re concerned about your child’s developing teeth, you may opt for fluoride treatments. Offered to every patient at their visit, we recommend fluoride treatments, especially when covered by insurance. Fluoride restores vital minerals to the tooth enamel and can be extremely beneficial to those who suffer from sensitive teeth. As it adds a barrier of protection against changing temperatures and other sensitivities, regular fluoride treatment can help you enjoy your favorite foods again. Children need fluoride to help their teeth develop into healthy smiles for the future. Ask us about the many benefits of fluoride!

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Your beautiful smile deserves to be protected. If your child is participating in sports, we recommend a comfortable mouthguard to protect their growing teeth during activity. Patients who suffer from bruxism, more commonly known as nighttime grinding, can protect their teeth from excess wear by using a nightguard while they sleep. These custom-fit appliances are easy to wear and stop your enamel from being slowly ground down. We also offer snoring appliances, which are like nightguards, except they help to open the airway for a more restful night’s sleep. We’re happy to provide you with an appropriate protective mouthguard or nightguard today.

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Whether you’re nervous or preparing for a longer procedure, you can opt for sedation through oral medication. We’ll prescribe a simple pill, which you will take a few minutes prior to your appointment. The resulting sedation is mild, yet you’ll be relaxed and calm during your treatment. You’ll remain awake, and able to respond and answer questions. We’re here for you, and happy to address any concerns. You don’t have to worry or be nervous when you put your care in the hands of Waked Dental.

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Emergency Care


While we hope you don’t have to take advantage of our same-day emergency care, we want you to know its available. Dental emergencies – a cracked or knocked-out tooth, an abscess or pain – never happen when you’re ready for them, but at Waked Dental we’re as prepared as possible. We strive to see emergency patients the very same day, and we’ll get you in with Dr. Waked quickly, so she can alleviate your discomfort and get you back to feeling like yourself.

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Solea Laser/Intra-oral camera


Because of our commitment to the latest, most advanced dental care, we employ technology to assist in diagnosing and treating dental issues. Our intraoral camera allows you to see the same things the dentist sees, meaning you’re able to make informed choices about your care. These non-invasive, hand-held cameras are an upgrade to the traditional dental mirrors of the past, as you get a real-time view of your mouth. We also use Solea lasers as an alternative to the dental drill, eliminating the need for a noisy dental drill. Solea lasers are quicker, more precise, and applicable to a variety of treatments. Get more information when you visit our office.

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